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    10 months ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in News
    10 months ago
    PM Modi slams Pakistan over terrorism, but reaches out to China

    Pakistan has to come forward and shun terrorism to ensure productive talks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday, stressing that India alone cannot walk the path of peace.

    At the second edition of Raisina Dialogue in Delhi where he outlined India’s foreign policy, Modi took a strategic stand on China, considered Pakistan’s all-weather ally, and said ties between the two Asian giants have immense economic opportunities.

    “It is not unnatural for two large neighbouring countries to have differences,” he said, close on the heels of the US reconfirming China’s role in blocking India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

    “In the management of our relationship, and for the peace and progress in the region, both our countries need to show sensitivity and respect for each other’s core concerns and interests.”

    Modi said India had never shied away from shouldering the responsibility for international peace, but accused Pakistan of failing in its fight against terrorism.

    “Our strong belief in de-linking terrorism from religion and rejecting artificial distinction between good and bad terror are a global talking point now,” Modi said.

    “Those in our neighbourhood who support violence, perpetrate hatred and export terror stand isolated and ignored,” he said in a veiled dig at the neighbour.

    11 months ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in News
    11 months ago
    Amid tension along India-Pakistan border, PM Narendra Modi wishes Nawaz Sharif on birthday

    New Delhi: Amid heightened tension along Indo-Pak border due to repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday greeted his Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif on his birthday.

    "Birthday wishes to Pakistan PM Mr. Nawaz Sharif. I pray for his long and healthy life," Modi tweeted.

    Sharif turned 67 on Sunday.
    PM Narendra Modi extended birthday wishes to Sharif even though the two countries have been witnessing a severe chill in their relations because of repeated terror attacks in India emanating from Pakistan.

    Last year
    Last year on this day, PM Modi had made a huge gesture by travelling to Lahore on an unscheduled visit to wish Sharif personally and attend the marriage ceremony of his kin.

    Pathankot terror attack
    However, the warmth in the bilateral ties witnessed at that time evaporated after terror attack on the airbase in Pathankot on January 1 this year. Since then the relations have just been sliding as tensions escalated.

    12 months ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in Animals
    12 months ago
    A Frog That Freezes and Thaws, Plus More Ways Animals Cope With Cold

    But wild animals don't have that luxury—they have to tough it out in the cold. That made Weird Animal Question of the Week wonder: “What are some cool ways animals stay safe and warm in winter?” (See some incredible pictures of winter wildlife.)

    Some species pile on the layers, like the Arctic musk ox, whose soft undercoat—called qiviut—insulates them from -50 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Polar bears have an extra layer of fat to keep toasty.

    Others grow thicker fur in the fall, like white-tailed deer, and some even grow lighter coats to blend into the snow, Sharon Chester, author of The Arctic Guide, Wildlife of the Far North, says via email.

    North American mammals such as the Arctic fox, least weasel, Arctic hare, and ermine have this adaptation, Chester says. (Related: "Before and After: See Animals Change Their Coats for Winter.")

    The camo works if snow is consistent, Chester says, but it's tougher if snow arrives late and melts early—which is happening more due to global climate change. A 2016 study reported snowshoe hares in Montana that were mismatched to their environment experienced a 7 percent decrease in survival rate.

    Wood frogs, which range from the southeastern U.S. to the Arctic Circle, "hunker down in some leaf litter and freeze solid" into a "frogcicle," says Greg Pauly, curator of herpetology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

    When the weather warms again, the amphibians thaw out, no worse for the wear, he says.

    That's because wood frogs are freeze tolerant, which means they can survive ice forming in portions of their bodies, thanks to chemicals such as glucose and urea that protect their cells from damage. (Related: "How Arctic Frogs Survive Being Frozen Alive.")

    Other species, including some lizards, turtles, insects, and even at least one mammal can do this.

    The Arctic ground squirrel, or siksik, can drop its body temperature below freezing while it's hibernating. This is likely due to another process called supercooling, in which the body temperature can go below the freezing point without forming ice.

    Another cold-weather toughie is Alaska's red flat bark beetle, which, under lab conditions, can survive cooling down to -238 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Flamingos may symbolize the steamy tropics, but three South American species—the Chilean, Andean, and James's flamingo—make their homes in freezing mountain lakes, says Paul Rose, a doctoral student at the U.K.'s University of Exeter.

    12 months ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in News
    12 months ago
    Massive cache of cash! Delhi Police's crime branch raids law firm in GK 1, Rs 13.65 crore recovered

    New Delhi: Acting on a tip-off, Delhi Police's crime branch raided a law firm in Greater Kailash 1 area and unearthed a huge haul of cash.

    In total, Rs 13.65 crore were recovered from T&T law firm.

    Out of Rs 13.65 crore, Rs 2.60 cr is in new currency notes.

    The recovered money has been handed over to Income tax department.

    Earlier, on Satrurday, in a major haul of cash and gold, the Income Tax Department had unearthed Rs 5.7 crore in new Rs 2,000 currency notes, Rs 90 lakh in old notes and a whopping 32 kg gold and jewellery from a secret chamber inside a bathroom in Karnataka.

    The development came hours after Rs 24 crore, also in new notes, were recovered from a government contractor`s car in Tamil Nadu.

    After demonetisation move by PM Narendra Modi on Nov 8, several raids have been conducted to unearth black money.

    about 1 year ago
    The Indian Traditional Dress Patterns Have Not Lost Their Charm

    about 1 year ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in News
    about 1 year ago
    Barack Obama celebrates Diwali, lights first-ever diya in Oval Office

    Washington: US President Barack Obama has celebrated Diwali by lighting the first-ever diya in the Oval Office of the White House and hoped that his successors would continue the tradition.

    Obama, who was the first president to celebrate Diwali personally at the White House in 2009, talked about this momentous occasion in a Facebook post soon after he kindled the diya in his Oval Office with some Indian-Americans working in his administration.

    "I was proud to be the first President to host a Diwali celebration at the White House in 2009, and Michelle and I will never forget how the people of India welcomed us with open arms and hearts and danced with us in Mumbai on Diwali," Obama said.

    "This year, I was honoured to kindle the first-ever diya in the Oval Office -- a lamp that symbolises how darkness will always be overcome by light. It is a tradition that I hope future Presidents will continue," Obama said on the White House Facebook page, which became viral on the social media.

    By late night it was liked by more than 1.5 lakh people and shared more than 33,000 times.

    "On behalf of the entire Obama family, I wish you and your loved ones peace and happiness on this Diwali," Obama said.

    "To all who are celebrating the festival of lights across America and around the world, happy Diwali. As Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists light the diya, share in prayers, decorate their homes, and open their doors to host and feast with loved ones, we recognise that this holiday rejoices in the triumph of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance," said the US President.

    "It also speaks to a broader truth about our shared American experience. It's a reminder of what's possible when we see beyond the differences that too often divide us. It's a reflection of the hopes and dreams that bind us together," he said.

    Obama said that it is a time to renew collective obligation to deepen those bonds, to stand in each other's shoes and see the world through each other's eyes, and to embrace each other as brothers and sisters -- and as fellow Americans.

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who has a large fan following in the Indian-American community greeted Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains across the world on the occasion of Diwali.

    "On Sunday, nearly a billion Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists around the world -- including more than two million Americans -- will celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. For members of these faiths, lighting the lamp (the diya) is a reminder that light prevails over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil," Clinton said.

    about 1 year ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in Jobs
    about 1 year ago
    The surprising reason you'll be tempted to job search this year

    Nobody wants to job search. Sometimes, you may start the process because you got passed over for a promotion, or because you’re moving away, or because you lost your job. And other times, you do it b because you’re no longer fulfilled by your role or feel valued.

    But there are also times when you’re motivated to find something new that don’t necessarily have to do with changes at your company or your current responsibilities. In fact, according to a recent survey by CEB discussed in The Washington Post, it’s the little things that happen outside the office that might have the biggest impact.

    “…Unsurprisingly, job search activity jumped the most, by 17%, when people had a change in their manager or their responsibilities. But just behind that was attending a major gathering with friends, family, or classmates, such as a class reunion. And birthdays came in third, at 12%. More traditional professional moments that might prompt self-reflection—an anniversary at the company, say—sparked a 6% boost in job-seeking activity...”

    Sure, traditional reasons make this list, but the surprising discovery is that competition among peers and birthdays are also included. People aren’t necessarily leaving because they’re unhappy, but because they don’t think they measure up to their own friends or their own internal expectations—if my college roommate’s already a manager, shouldn’t I be? or I can’t believe I’ve been here five years and haven’t done XYZ.

    What does this mean for you? That when you first get that feeling in the back of your mind that you need a new job, you should take the time to ask yourself why. There are plenty of good reasons! But there are also bad ones, like leaving a perfectly good position so that you can have bragging rights when you run into an old high school classmate in the checkout line. Or, believing you don’t measure up to expectations you made for yourself 15 years ago—by the time I hit 35, I’ll definitely be running my own company—that were a bit unrealistic.

    The number one question to ask yourself is, “Am I happy and fulfilled by what I do?” If the answer is yes, the rest doesn’t really matter.

    about 1 year ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in News
    about 1 year ago
    US backs India's 'right to self-defence', slams Pakistan for linking Afghan peace to Kashmir

    Washington: Supporting India's "right to self-defence" in the aftermath of the Uri attack which it dubbed a "clear case of cross-border terrorism", the US on Wednesday dismissed the recent attempt by Pakistan to link peace in war-torn Afghanistan with resolution of the Kashmir issue.

    The White House backed India's right to defend itself as with any other country, in view of the recent surgical strike+ but advised caution given the heavy militarisation between the two neighbours.

    It also said that that the US is making every effort to ensure that India become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) by the end of this year.

    Making a rare appearance before a Washington audience, Peter Lavoy, the White House's point person for South Asia, said that India-US ties are the "most dynamic relationship" for the US as he listed the Obama administration's achievements in strengthening the relationship between the two largest democracies of the world.

    "It (Uri) was a clear case of cross-border terrorism. We condemned this act of terrorism. It was a horrific attack. Every country has a right to self-defence. But in a heavily militarised relationship that has also experienced three wars, there is indeed a need for caution and restraint," he said responding to a question on the Uri attack.

    "We share with India, the concern for preventing any future attack. We empathise with the Indian position that it needs to respond militarily to cross-border threat of terrorism. But we also advise caution," Lavoy said.

    India and Pakistan have a "friction-filled relationship" and they have not found a way to overcome that, he said.

    Last week, Lavoy met the two special envoys of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Kashmir.

    The two Pakistani envoys in their public meetings had linked peace in Afghanistan to resolving the Kashmir issue.

    "We certainly do not believe that the situation in Afghanistan is linked with Kashmir," the top White House official said.

    "In 2016 India ought to join the NSG," he said and referred to the commitment made by the US in this regard.

    On each front this government is successfully proving that I was correct when I voted for them in 2014....Great going Indian government, We are with you.Kumar Sambhav Pandey

    India becoming a member of NSG, he argued would exhibit New Delhi's new leadership in non-proliferation.

    "Every effort is being made to ensure India ought to join NSG this year," Lavoy said to a question.

    about 1 year ago
    Manjunath Handa
    Manjunath Handa shared article in Travel
    about 1 year ago
    6 20 Different kinds of travellers you meet in your life

    Who doesn’t like holidays and travelling? Well, the answer is simple—no body. Some travel to spend leisure time with family or friends, some travel to get a taste of adventure while some want to simply lie in nature’s lap. Apart from the type of travellers mentioned above, we bring to you 20 different types of travellers. Let us know which one of them are you.

    1. The Nature Lover
    Okay now he is one guy who is so fascinated by nature that he would probably become a yogi anytime soon. So when it comes to group travel, forget about being asked for suggestions because you know it’s going to be a picturesque natural landscape.

    2. Yo! My Name Is Mr. DSLR
    For him travelling is not about exploring new places, but about exploring new features that his DSLR has. His travel diary is solely about innumerable pictures of animals, locals and annoying hash tags to go with all those images.

    3. Behold The Beach-Scanner
    Try doing this with your friend who is a beach lover. The moment you plan any trip, he will make you count the endless beaches he wants to visit, even though the place you mentioned was Udaipur. He is more of a beach bum who cannot see anything instead of a beach.

    4. The Luxury Traveller
    He would settle for nothing less than a 5-star hotel. No matter what, luxury is the major priority for him. From luxurious hotels, personal cabs for sightseeing to dining at classy restaurants; he will never cut down on luxury.

    5. The History And Heritage Lover
    He is not touring the place for fun; instead, he is visiting the place to know more about the rich culture and historic significance. He is one who prefers to explore things at his own pace. He might spend 2 hours at a particular location, but his experience is sure to be the most rewarding one.

    6. The Desert Traveller
    He simply loves deserts and camel safari. All his trips and trip ideas begin with deserts and end with them too. For him, it’s either his-way or desert way.

    7. There Is Only ONE Tourist Place For Him In The Whole World
    “Hey this place looks even better than it did 6 months back!” He seems to have the fascination to visit the same place again and again. So much so that after some time he might actually become a tourist guide of that destination.

    8. Where’s The Party At!
    His travel plan revolves around nightlife, smoking up and best party places. The itinerary, the hotels or the places to visit, he will always find places close to the clubs or wine shops. In short, he will have a ‘jugaad’ for everything.

    9. The Hygiene Conscious
    He seems to have major OCD about hygiene. If you look closely into his bag, he might as well be carrying bottles of sanitizer. He might in fact give an extra sanitizer to the waiter just in case his hands aren’t hygienic enough.

    10. One Who Plans The Trip And The Budget To The T
    He chalks out the whole trip and would follow it religiously. If you are travelling with him, then you would know the struggle. Forget that extra beer bottle, if it’s out of the budget.

    11. The Nomad
    He is totally opposite to the one mentioned above. His trips happen suddenly and are totally unplanned. One day he tells you about his plan for river rafting and the next day he is sitting on a bus to Rishikesh.

    12. Mr. Know It All – Ugghh Not Really
    He seems to know everything, from hotels, locations to routes; at least that’s what he thinks. He probably knows nothing about that place, but when it comes to boasting his smartness, he wouldn’t leave any stone unturned.

    13. The ‘Quest For Food’ Traveler
    His sole purpose for travelling is food. No matter what the destination is, he will put his antics to use for searching the best cuisine available. These kinds of people are fun to travel with as they will never disappoint you with their choice of food.

    14. The Freeloader
    This particular traveller is the most irritating and annoying type. They are those ‘enthu-cutlets’ who would initiate the idea, pick expensive hotels for stay, along with fine dining restaurants; but will never pay for any of it. They simply love to live off your money even while travelling.

    15. The Thrill Seeker
    He has unmatched energy and thrill to enjoy life. For him travelling is a way to pump up the adrenaline. Excitement and wild adventure are ways to satiate the never ending urge to life off the edge. He just can’t stay at home or at one particular place, because he is always excited to try new things.

    16. The Complaint Box
    He is nothing short of an agony aunt who seems to have problems with everything under the sun. Well some of the complaints can be legit like – shower not working, unhygienic or dirty bed sheets, or improper room service, less salt in the food. What? You have no idea about the range of his complaints.

    17. The Casanova
    Imagine going to an offbeat destination where you come across a beautiful woman, but don’t have the guts to talk to her. While we are imagining the situation, this guy is capable of striking a conversation with her and with much ease. He has the magic to woo almost every girl he meets on the trip.

    18. The Fitness Freak
    Not many would agree, but these travellers are so obsessed with their fitness routine that they might cut down on their clothes and other important things only to make room for fitness supplements. Chances are their hotel preference would be based on the gym facilities.

    19. The ‘Over-Friendly Chatter Box’ Traveller
    He seems to befriend any and every person who has ever crossed his path during his trip. Right from that autowala who dropped you at the hotel to the shopkeeper next to the hotel, he knows everything about them. But these people are fun to travel with as they have so many stories to share.

    20. The ‘Panic Attack Patient’ Traveller
    He loves to travel as planned but the moment anything goes wrong, all hell breaks loose. Simply put, if something gets missed out from the itinerary then he will go bonkers and drive you crazy too over what to do next.

    Last seen: Stressing in his hotel room for missing out on that not-so-famous zoo.

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